Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Its Hibernation time

This is long overdue. I have been working feverishly to finish the children's book. I did finish it and recently met with a local book agent. She said it did not have a plot, once children found the objects they would not be interested in looking at it again, and the colors are all the save values so it difficult to understand the illos. It was a great meeting. It definitely made me want to go face more rejections! Its fine though, it just made me feel very tired and beat up. I will work on finishing the cover and making it look even more presentable to send around, but I will probably self publish. I am also going to revisit the ugly sweater and work with my best friend on another book. So there!
Here is an IF drawing! It has been so long and I have missed it so much. Ok, off to portland tomorrow for a few days of vacation and a marathon.
Hope to rejuvenated when I get back.

IF: hibernate