Saturday, February 28, 2009


Friday, February 27, 2009

Water sloth

This is from the throw water on a page, let guoache sink into it, and try to create something out of it method.
And the results are a water sloth and squid baby.

Money well spent

I received gift cards for xmas that I did not know what to do with...until now. I bought some functional 8 ink cartridges (not exciting) and then yesterday I came up with the perfect item.

Behold the le creuset 11.75 inch flame orange frying pan. Cast iron and amazing. Do not look directly at it you might burn your eyes its glory is so bright.
I have been wanting their cook ware forever, but its sooo expensive why would I ever drop that kind of money. I realized I could buy books on amazon, but I do not need more books and this is both functional and really pretty. The hardest part was choosing a color I could live with. The red is very common and meh, the yellow is too much, the kiwi is unappetizing, the aqua is fun, but would clash with everything, and then there was cobalt. I do love cobalt, but orange is soo hard to resist. SO if I do get another piece some day or even a couple they will all be different really expensive fiesta ware.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I must have had a case of the dropsies b/c Parker Posy came in yesterday, which is not unusual because she lives in the area, and I did not almost kill her with hot coffee. It could also be that she is not as intimidating. She got a small mocha and was extremely nice. I was working with the big boss and he acted like it was nothing unusual so I guess I absorbed that.
I think if I could describe the shops by clientele I would say my shop is celebs and spoiled college kids, the Wav is homos and super celebs, 23rd is equinox moms, and grand central sounds like business people...but I have never been to that one. I wonder what the upper west side is going to be? I kind hope the people are interesting. I keep thinking Forbes 100 people and Bobby Fley. This could be a nice little dream in my head as I do love food and becomming friends with foodies is more exciting to me than meeting any movie star.
In exciting news I have been selling my greeting cards at Joes and they have going at a good pace. I think that because they are right next to the register is can't hurt. It is hard to say when one goes from making back supply costs to making a little money. I should make a spread sheet, but I have not yet so all I know is it is enough to buy more paper, ink, and sleeves. I bought protective sleeves yesterday that are biodegradable, now I need to figure out how to have it say that on the sleeve without creating another annoying thing like a sticker. It would be silly to buy biodegradable sleeves and have them be thrown out...if they end up in a landfill they are just trash. little sticker might be the only option....lame.
I moved JJ's bike from one side of the street to the other today. I have never gotten on the bike before and even though the battery is dead I was still really nervous about having to roll it across the street. A waste management co. was watching me the whole time as they tried to figure out how to move the dumpster that has been a perminant installation since we moved in. I feel a little jittery after the whole event, but it was actually fun and I can see why someone would want to ride it. Too bad NYC is a shit place to ride a bike talk about death by cabbie.
Anyway, off to my insurance meeting where I get to ask a million questions about benefits.
I have dropped 300 dollars on stuff for my agent to get my promotion off the ground. I am so excited and nervous. She said this process sometimes takes 8 months to even glean some fruit so while I am excited that it is beginning I worry that in this economy no one will want and illustrator with a pention for demented squirrels and weird idioms.

Monday, February 23, 2009

No rest for the worried

So JJ is off in the land of NC going to the funeral of a man she did not really know and who essentially has been a vegetable for the past three years.
It is extra lonely here and while I have time to get work ready for my rep I am feeling what life could be like without her around...and I do not like it.
Today I worked my new co-op shift as a cashier. It is usually a really boring shift since the world of debt cards, but today they were down and on my first shift I was busy the whole time. This of course would have been great, but I had one bad experience than kind ruined it for me. A woman came up and wanted to use her EBT (electronic food stamps) and we ran her card and it did not work. We thought it was just her card, but it turned out that all electronic payments did not work. Anyway, she was passed on to me and it did not work again...and she decided to pay in cash. She handed over all the money she had 75 dollars and as she did covered her face and said "this is not how it is supposed to work! The system is supposed to work." It was really uncomfortable and I felt terrible. Of course, then our machines were down and we were told to send all people with food stamps and ebts up to the office. It was too late for her b/c she had already left and I wish I had told her to go up to the office..even though I had no idea what I was doing and the person training me obviously did not tell me to do otherwise. It sucks even more b/c I asked if she could be given her money back if she came in and instead her ebt run through and the girl training me said no. I hope she tries anyway, b/c really why cant this be fixed? It was akward enough and I felt so responsible.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A series of typical events

I almost spilled hot coffee on Maggie Gyllenhaal today. She came in (mind you our espresso machine is broke right now so I was just serving drip) and I got her coffee and went to put it up on the counter and almost spilled it on her. It was so embarrassing. She was gracious enough and one of my co-workers was laughing nervously in the background b/c she was there...and I was the one who was trying to treat her like anyone else by scalding her.
It was a crowning moment.
She looks exactly like she does in movies. It is refreshing really b/c most of the time when I see celebrities they look like themselves a bit, but more watered down or less concentrated version of what we see in tv. I guess between makeup and the fact that we see them at 1/10th their size their features do not look the same.

Anyway, no impressing celebrities with my mad latte skills....
I did text my boss to tell him that I almost scalded Maggie Gyllenhaal and he said "that's great! She is really nice." he just likes having famous people in his shops...typical.

Sometimes I am my own bad citcom.

Friday, February 20, 2009

yakety cat

I have been looking at Sara Midda South of France at lot lately. I have had it for awhile, but it was during the time when my brain was overloaded with type. The point is I want to have a lot more work along the lines of sketchbook illustrations (aka- loose, fun, and really simplified). I think I am in a rut. Its my rut, but I think its time I broke out of my comfort zone again. I could do animals and illustrated type forever, but maybe I need a little change? At the very least a different color pallete. I have an affinity for purple, brown, and more.
This is the last illustration with those colors being a dominating theme.
Alright here we go.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yakkity yak

Another day. I don't know why I have been feeling so underwhelmed lately. It could be that the insanity has worn down and now I am left with the day to day reality. I like work, but its tiring and its possible that I am working too much. I cannot really afford to not work all the time right now, but I really need some down time which i am not getting. I am so used to multitasking that when I am spending all my time and energy on one thing I burn out quicker.
I am working on getting my work together for my rep so that maybe I can get some jobs? On the plus side it looks like I will be having a show at Joe's for a couple of months. I just wish being an artist was a little more profitable right now....or really any profit will do.
ok yak time

Monday, February 16, 2009


Did you know that Europeans get an average of 4 weeks...aka double what americans get. That being said I need to get paid for all my side projects. I like blogging b/c it helps people keep up with me and it helps decompress....however it is stressing me out. SO its great that I started another blog. Oy.
But really I am working on getting my work ready for my agent which is great, but another stressor.
Yesterday we went to Washington Heights to visit a friend from high school. The trip was long, but it was worth the trip. Amazing food and great company.
In other news, Jonathan said I can sell my cards at Joe's. So I did a test run with some v-day cards and was pleasantly surprised. I also did a sketch for another card, but have been so busy I did not get time to execute it so it might be a next year kind of thing.
Today we were supposed to go take a visit up to the new Joe's location, but it has to be postponed. I am excited to see what it looks like. I have been placing a lot of hope on the new location and I really think there will be amazing opportunities I just hope I have not set my expectations too high.
Anyway, painting day!
Otherwise things are pretty good.
Joined a gym which is a whole other shlep, but its 16 dollars a month thanks to a crap economy and a vday special. It is no frills, but I like it.
Brain is not really working so that is all for now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

coffee blog

Hah! So I have plenty to write about...sort of, but for now here the side project I have been working on. It is a coffee blog and I will probably be updating it 2-3 times a week depending on how much I am actually participating in. I am super excited.

Monday, February 9, 2009

project caffeinate

Here is a preview of a new project:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

There is no u in yesterday

...however when you do spell it with a u there is a turd in yesturday....and no this does not imply that my day was bad, just long.

Valentines day card in the works. Should have it up and ready to purchase by tomorrow. I hope this gives folks enough time.

ps- my adorable sister sent me a birthday present and I almost cried when I got it. Now I need a frame!