Friday, February 25, 2011

Fly like a Beagle

New greeting card. Why would you fly like an eagle when you can fly like a beagle....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do not have a seizure!

Here is the reading room! Loud and proud. But really, I cannot believe I have so many more to go. Maybe it should be a two page book...
No, I am really happy with this spread. I think I keep setting bigger goals with each picture. The first spread almost feels too boring. I might have to revisit it when the book is done. Its a really hard thing to know for sure because I like my work for about a week or two, generally, until I have something new to compare it to and then its no longer the shiny new toy. SO here is the shiny new toy and maybe I will still like it when the next spread is done. Next us...the plant room or maybe the dining room to tame things down and help with some pacing toward the cacophony of color and insanity. After buying The Wrong Place nothing seems to crazy. (The spreads that are detailed in this link are the tamest...this book is insane in the best way I highly recommend it for the color, style, flow, and concepts...the plot could be better).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hidden Layers

In honor of fashion week....and maybe just because a colander always makes a illo complete.
Winnie and Rufus constantly test the limits of their mom's patience.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Safari in the reading room

I find that as soon as I finish the drawing stage of an illustration I just want to stay at that place where the hard work is done and the possibilities are endless. Its hard because I want the painting to be finished, but I also just want to keep that feeling of "wow this page was blank and now there is a whole world on the page!" So, I am settling for taking pictures as I go to remind myself what it all looked like when it was full of possibilities...and also still looking bit scary.. Yes the rug is insane, but I can totally see this family having an insane rug. If you have a home library why wouldn't you have a rug like this? My parents have persian rugs all over the house, but I cannot see myself having them. I mean aging hipsters with kids and persian rugs...doubtful. Just wait until I draw the sunroom....I am so excite to a room with nothing but plants. Anyway, this is what was accomplished while watching Marley & Me....yes I watched the whole thing and I do not want the 2.5 hours of my life back only because I was also working on this illo. JJ might feel differently.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something for nothing

Something for no reason!

Cause its about the journey not the destination.

Zoom Zoom

I want to be a person who posts almost every day, but I considering I sometimes leave the house at 5:30 am and get home at 8:45 pm the likelihood of such a thing happening is small. The days I work freelance from home make it way easier, but recently I have been working a lot at the coffee shop to help pay for all the the freaking totes, art supplies, and promotional things I have been paying for....I also love my other job. I love it even more now because JJ is working there too. It makes me not feel like I need to rush home because the house the empty..minus the cats. And it makes me want to open my own shop as long as JJ was on board. It is definitely something I would consider, but I do not have a plan yet so putting it out there is all I got.

In the mean time, here are some process drawing of page 4 of the children's book. This one is taking they all do, but it will be pretty awesome when its done. The rug is a little cray cray, I know, but do not worry it will work...I think.

Friday, February 11, 2011


IF: Sweater

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I want to eat your fleas

Greeting card commission for V-day.

Kiwi and Greta

I just finished a commission for my mother's former work friend. He and his partner have two dogs Kiwi and Greta and they are both old dogs. My mom cannot stop talking about them, especially Kiwi who has no teeth and her tongue hangs out of her mouth. She sent me some pictures of these dogs and I was not disappointed with their amazingness.

I usually do not include photos of the dogs I draw, but I wanted there to be proof that I was not making up Greta's ears or Kiwi's tongue.

Maybe I should shift my energy to just drawing ugly dogs....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Role Reversal

I have been working a lot and have absolutely no time for little doodles and small projects...sad. The children's book is going to continue to suck my time for smaller things and I am trying to do two more recipes for another contest. It is a fun goal, but oh so time consuming. In the mean time here is a squirrel!

IF: Reverse

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Recipe

Tahini Squash Recipe! Took freakin forever...

Hi Charrow --

This is really the loveliest, loveliest thing and it's making me miss painting in watercolor something fierce! I hope you enjoyed the recipe too, it is one of my favorites, such an unpredictable way to eat squash.

Thanks again for sharing, and for letting me be a part of your gorgeous artwork!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Totes are here!

They came yesterday and already the cat has staked her claim. Just in time for V-day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Page 3

I tend to feel like I am getting nothing done when I work on these spreads. They take so long to color that by the end of it I wonder what I'm doing. This took all day to color and I really don't know why. I am really happy with the result, but now I am super tired...maybe tomorrow I will change pace and do something less complicated...oy.

Find the shirt and get a prize :)