Sunday, August 28, 2011

A couple weeks in Review

Weekend in the Country with my cousins
insane cherry face
Happy BirthAversary
Jennifer making the goods
David striking a musicians pose
family time
David's studio
the room of requirement
Poodles and a view
garden potatoes
Preparing for Sea Barrage

Long runs 17 and 20 miles:
sun up
Parrots living in a bridge @ 140s
New York
View from the GW bridge
20 mile goose chase
GW bridge

30 mile bike ride to Fort Tilden:
Jamica Bay
Atlantic Ocean

Succulent garden

Disguised as a houseplant

Sloppy Joes

The weather has come and gone or rather it SEEMS to have come and gone. And while the weather did its thing I finished the latest illustrated recipe for the latest TDAC contest. I have to say at this point prizes are not the main motivators. I find it harder to invest the amount of time it takes to make one of these for nothing except myself. I do love to do detailed illustrations, but I have so much to do that it makes it harder unless I feel very motivated. The Manhattan coffee map, for example, took forever and now I have to do Brooklyn!!! I basically signed myself up for this when I came up with the idea, but I have a feeling there might be other cities in my future.
Otherwise, we went to the beach for JJ's birthday on Friday and it was really fun, minus the sore butt from the bike riding. We road 30 miles and I do not think I was really prepared mentally for how far away we were going to be. The water was beautiful and there was ocean and some bays which I love so basically I got all the water I could handle. When you are out there it really does feel like a completely different state. I want to go back there and just spend a day exploring so hopefully we can do that before it gets cold.
Saturday did a lovely 7 mile run through the pre-hurricane soup (super humid) and took note of all the trees that are probably not standing now.
Today I plan to work on the Brooklyn map and think about the illustration friday doodle I should be making :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The influence of Trends


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Patterns:3

I find it amusing when peoples bags are bigger than their outfits....somehow it seems disproportional, call me old fashion.

Summer Patterns:2

Inspired by Diesels new bright idea. It would only be worse if someone can out with the a bridesmaid workout jumper.

Summer Patterns:1

Swelling with Pride


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dancing to the Beet!

I have been chugging along with Joe and a little art, but mostly Joe. Today, is the first day off where I could sleep in and actually think about something other than work. Its raining, which makes me feel less guilty about sticking around the apartment. I have a few small projects I would like to get done before a truly shitious week begins. I keep thinking that next week will be less busy and somehow it keeps proving to be the opposite. I submitted a proposal for a project that seems like it should have been done months ago and, which, someone involved in the design process should have thought of. I know, I am being vague. Basically, its a cool project involving urban planning and I fell into it. SO, I submitted this proposal for site maps so shoppers would have an idea what is was they were looking at. This shopping area is so innovative and clever that no one passing it has any idea that its a shopping area. This is a big problem.
Basically, did not hear from the developers for a week, and figured they did not like the idea or have the money. I was even feeling relieved because I do not have the time anyway and it was going to wear on my energy....but then I got a response Friday, and of course they accepted the proposal with changes I will get tomorrow. So, this week is going to be busy and I am going to do my very best to get is done as quickly as humanly possible. I will post pictures of the finished project and process images, but only after I am done. I am not superstitious, but I am nervous about the size of this project and do not want to set myself up to underwhelm. If I never mention this project again you will know why.
Ok, enough about me time to draw some heads mounted on walls!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Imperfect Plan

IF: Imperfect
Winnie believed the plan would work. She wanted to go to the pool and her mom should stop working already so they could.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Map is for Sale

That's right! I have it up through Joe. I want to put a paypal button on everything!!! ANyway, I made it really cheap, which is awesome. Its on a 50lb semigloss photo paper which makes it look like a real poster. I am happy with it. Its 13x19 so a rather nice size. And its $20! I have the shipping at $3, but it might have to be a little higher. I will know after I ship a poster today. Still around $23 total so I think folks will want it.

Yay, buy away!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sketches from the Country

I used to do comics all the time before I learned to paint, and in a lot of ways I really miss it even though I have moved on to color. This past weekend JJ and I went to the country to spend time with my cousin and her husband at their get away. It was so much fun to be away and get to spend some quality time with them. JJ and David spent some quality time in his studio playing music...I know you thought I was going to say finger painting. We cooked, juiced, picked veggies, hung out with my baby cousins, played in the large pond (or very small lake), fished, played badminton (which I always want to spell badmitten), and ran past some very interested cows. There was a lot of rain, but it always cleared up enough for us to get outside.

I also, had some time to draw for no purpose other than to draw. It was great not having any goals and I am happy with the results. So, more of that! I might even hit up drink and draw tomorrow night.

Still life of the plentiful fruits and veggies we had. Also, a very odd lamp, a sculpture David's dad made, and an odd woman with nipples that were plugs. I thought this whole scene looked a lot like a strange orgy.

Some onions from the garden, a branch, and two sculptures of David's. He does love some poodles.

An assortment of bounty from the garden

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lesson Lerned

(I misspelled lerned on purpose)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't be Rude, chew your food!

its very important.
Additionally, chewing with ones mouth open or talking with your mouth breakers.

Obsessed with Pattern

IF: Obsessed
Little doodle. The first thing I have drawn in a week! Unacceptable!!! Someone needs to save me from myself.