Friday, November 30, 2012

Strike a Pose

New commission illustration! Its a gift for a women opening a ballet school. A lot going on including a really cool chalk project I did for MTV's holiday party for Music and Logo. It was a really awesome gig with amazing concepts and interesting spaces. I completely get why people go into the party planning and entertainment business its got so many interesting minds! Don't get me wrong, I overheard some really amazing conversations the likes of which I have only heard on Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty....I never knew people were sooo openly catty in real life.

Being invisible had its perks though it meant I was entertained while I drew squirrels, win and win! I hope I get to do more things of that nature.

Off to work on the children's book that consumes all my extra time. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

December Blues and greens and yellows

I have been neglecting the duties of writing for the duties of actually working. Sometimes I wish I could just post videos of myself working and give some context for my silence.

What has been going on:

Two weddings that took all my free time. They were lovely, but I lost some serious work time.

Directly following said weddings I had a two week fellowship at VST while the world was going to crap with the hurricane. It was an amazing time I still have some pictures to post. I met amazing people and while there produced the image above. The art above is a subway car overtaken by plants and animals. I am planning to submit it to the MTA, although they do not take submissions, but who cares. It was a good project and allowed me to do a week of solid work.

Another cool thing is this project I am doing this week for MTV. It involves chalk, walls, and 5 hours of doodling. I am not sure what it will produce, but I will take lots of pictures of the process. I think no matter what it will be super cool.

And finally, I am working on a book. Yes, a book with an author and I was actually hired. The project will span the next 4 months and I am already deeply entrenched in the world of the characters. If the book gets published I will be super excited, but either way I was officially hired to work on a book. I can say I did my first book at 30....or at least started it. I always wanted to be a published children's book author in my 20s so I could be on those lists of successful artists in their 20s, but it does not really mean anything. I don't know why this was a goal. I blame communication arts magazine as their glossy pages seem to say, "if you're not in here then you have not actually made it." They sometimes have profiles of artists in different age brackets. Anyway, the point is I am working and can now say that I have a 50/50 split between art and coffee.

I have a few freelance gigs lined up over the next few weeks too, but really want to focus on the greeting cards. I am trying to research companies that might want to licence greeting card rights. I looked into Trader Joe's, for example, but they have an exclusive contract with a company that does their cards. Its a shame because I think their greeting card line is a little lacking in some ways. This should be the job of my agent, but I have not heard anything from her so I thought I would do some independent research. I have some other companies in mind, but once again need to do research.

oh right, we are moving. Again. And again it will probably happen a few days before or after xmas so I am once again going to lose myself to moving. We are moving 3 blocks away if the board approves us and if not we will be living out of a box somewhere in park slope or maybe we can pitch tents in prospect park. Its all rather vague at this point, but we have 5 weeks to get this done or JJ might have an aneurism.

This is a quick update on all things going on. More to come as I actually have time to produce work...probably in January.