Saturday, November 26, 2011


New cards and I am trying to do a lot more before xmas. Both holiday and non-holiday related.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Something completely different for the season:

IF: Vanity
(Pattern borrowed from
Today we found out we will not be getting the apartment we were going to buy. This means we have 5 weeks to find a place to live. The problem may have corrected itself in that we might be able to rent a place down the hall from where we are living now. It will make life easier as we try to find another place to buy....blarg. Happy thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Say Hello to Sniglet

Being good.

Busy weekend of running the Philli Marathon and getting ready for T-day. Have a great weekend and here is a little something to brighten your day!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sound of silence is not a dog

IF: Silent

Cat in a Fez

I realize looking back at these animations that I was not very good. In fact, I am not sure how I got a good grade in this class. Oh well.

Old Footage

I made this little animation while in school. It is really silly. In fact, they are all really silly. This one was my crowning jewel of silly.

How the Mighty Have Fallen

So the truth is I have not made a flash animation in 3.5 years. I cannot remember how to do anything, but I thought I would do a little video. Its a start....a slow start.
Keep in mind this was 30 minute re-exploration. I think I will get better...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Kingdom of Suck

It came to my attention recently that a project I created a proposal for, which was accepted, and then dropped for no reason was stolen from me. I am a patient and reasonable person, but when a LARGE firm asks for a proposal it is my understanding that if its my idea, it still is my idea if they do not hire me. The concept was mine and after asking them to contact me and hearing nothing I got suspicious. I recently went to the site and found that my concept had been executed. "Turning a project over to the architect" does not mean equal "steal my shit and have someone else do it." It is unfortunate for these people that they did not pay me the little bit I asked for. This company is so big that the fee would have been worth it compared to the shit storm they are going to have to deal with now. It sucks, it really does. I hate to feel this way and I hate to be this person, but why steal what you can afford to buy? So, the lawyers letter will come next and maybe then they will answer my emails.

I Saw The Sign

I will hence forth be known as the chalk master! Well not really, but I had a little freelance project at Little Owl. I usually do not work in chalk, but it was fun on a nice even surface. Usually, I do our signs at Joe, but our sign is pretty beat up by the elements so its hard to get a nice clean line. This was for a baby shower and spans about 6 feet vertically. I am really happy with the end product.


One awesome thing about Portland is there obsession with terrariums. They were everywhere. The Ace Hotel had a beautiful set up in the lobby. There was a woman that came in one day over the course of our stay and she spruced it and rearranged the layout. I had a great time sketching it and it made me more obsessed with the idea of making my own terrarium garden. After me move at the end of December I am allowed to buy the rest of the supplies for this endeavor. Not only do they look cool, but they are inherently cat proof.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Some New Cards

Here are a few for the road

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Cards have Begun

And here are the first two that I will make available tonight. More to come both holiday specific and non denominational.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashion Animal

IF: Stripes

Just trying to catch up with commissions, holiday cards, and sending out my book....I am officially sans agent, which is scary but probably for the better right now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Galapagos and Matchu Pitchu

Just returned from an amazing trip to Peru and Ecuador. I have a lot of photos to upload, but I also have little paintings. So here are two and there are more to come.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Long Winter

Excuse the long absence. I have a tendency to forget to mention when I leave the country. So, I went to Portland, OR (Not Maine, even though the gate for the flight to Portland Maine was right next to our gate for Portland can imagine the confusion that ensued when they announced the boarding for Portland...Maine...but did not say Maine...yes, that is right...we all looked around completely baffled by the last boarding call for Portland and we had not even heard the pre-boarding.)
So, the marathon...the thing I had planned for for the whole year...and I got very very sick the night before. I mean I could not sleep, move, stay still, throwing up, explosive stomach problems, and I was fretting about the race. We got up (JJ got up, as I was already awake) and I put on my clothes and resumed my post in the fetal position on the bed. I could not eat anything either, that was the real issue...aside from the amazing pain. So, I decided to give it a try. I made it 10 miles and realized that at mile 10, when I hadn't eaten anything and could not stomach anything aside from water that maybe ending up in the hospital at mile 17 was a bad idea. I bowed out and it was the hardest thing I have done in a while. I almost could not believe it was happening. Right before I quit I was listening to the Freakanomics podcast and it happened to be about was so miserable. So, JJ finished and I went back to Ace Hotel and slept in the lobby. Why did I sleep in the lobby, do you ask, as apposed to our room. Well, we got cheap rooms with a bathroom down the hall and I decided for the last two days we should spurge and get a room with a bathroom. So, they were all full, but the guy said we could check out and check back in when we were done see where this is going....I was supposed to be done at 1:30, but instead I came back at no room. Cut to me sleeping for 3 hours in the lobby, thank you Ace Hotel. The lovely counter man/boy let me use one of the bathrooms to take a shower and not smell like a hobo. By the time JJ hobbled back to the hotel our room was ready and we went to order room service and I cried. It was really hard, but I had not choice. I did not have an appendicitis, cancer, or anything life threatening. It was probably an ovarian cyst that burst....let me just say that if it happens again I may need to an epidural.
So cut to the day after we get home and I decide I am going to have my marathon. So, I signed up for Philli right before T-Day.
And now cut to 5 days after we got back from OR I went to Peru and Ecuador with my aunt. 16 days later and now Im back and ready to not take a plane ever again. The Matchu Pitchu and Galapagos trips need an entry all their own so maybe tomorrow. Pictures and art to come...and holiday cards are up and ready to go!