Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweet Toothache

This work is for a class called Creative Strokes (also known as creative stroking). It has to do with the 7 deadly sins. We were given a word at random to somehow incorporate the 7 deadly sins. I was given the word "candy." I explored the idea of eye candy, working with strippers, motorcycles, pin-ups, etc. and none of them worked. Then I came up with the idea of candies that are monsters. My mother wrote some haikus loosely relating to sins and candy and I used those descriptions to create these images. I wrote one of the haikus. go me.

I've also included an image of the haikus written out emotively so when I make the book, I can include some text that parallels the image.

I've included the cover of the book, which meant a trip to target to buy candy that is now NOT in the pantry. If you want any, let me know. The books is called "sickly sweets." Enjoy.

Publication images

These images will be spot drawings in my publication, which by the way needs a new name, but I'll deal with that later. Not sure if I mentioned it in the last post, but this publication is about every day "survival", or rather, self-sufficiency. An example would be what to do when your drain backs up. Anyway, here are the images... there might be more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Publication cover mockups

Possible publication covers. These are first drafts and while I have newer versions I have a feeling these will change multiple times before I have settled on the finals. I will repost them when they are in their final versions.

Friday, July 20, 2007

the nautical chronicles

beware of deap sea sushi attacks and giant squid on the lamb

squid vicious

here are some more nautical paintings, gouache and transfers on wood blocks found around the neighborhood. lucky for me little 5 points is rife with remodeling and new construction. canvases on every corner!

boston whaler

bringing whales to the masses, woodblock style in a frenzied surge of between-quarter mania. i'm not obsessed with whales. i swear.

Illustration project

3-d structure project for illustration class.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

whale overboard

ahhh the whales are coming!!!

This is a painting for a magazine cover for a publications class, sans type. I have to make three covers in total. This is for a survival guide magazine for every day life. An example would be "my tire is flat, what the fuck do I do???" Aside from the obvious answer of flagging down a man or bull dyke this guide would show you how to do it yourself. It will deal with both extreme and more everyday survival. Maybe I'll learn how to change a tire.