Sunday, May 25, 2008

greeting card

I am very pleased to show my new greeting card trio. Yes, these beautiful cards will dazzle your friends and win over your secret love.
And if not you can keep them for yourselves.
I have to say there is no better way to spend a sunday than paint, sit in a cockroach infested house, with a screeching cat, listening to radio lab, and eating strange combinations of foods b/c we are hungry and forgot to bring snacks. This house of course is Jo and Dave's and we came by to use their washing machine and eat their food (tortillas, peanut butter, and cereal with a drizzle of honey...don't judge we were starving). We even got up super early to go to the pool (before the screeching whine machines came), swam, and watched a little life guard training. This was funny because, for those of you who have never taken life guarding classes, it involves dramatizations. One person jumps in the water, flails about and pretends they are drowning and then the life guard test monkey pretends to blow a whistle and save them. It is especially funny when the "drowner" (who is told secretly what is wrong with them and therefore how they should act) fights off the guard or tries to push the guard under water.
Tomorrow we'll spend time with school friends, drink, eat, and just generally get sweaty.
I am excited for this quarter to be over and we already bought tickets for my portfolio review and apartment hunting in NYC in october. I can't wait, but in the mean time I'm looking forward to the indie fair in two weeks and drawing puking cats.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

patterns are the new patterns

I stick with a style about the average length of a Hollywood marriage. So here is the newest direction. These are 3 inches big. I will be selling them at ICE b/c who needs 50 3 inch paintings of plants? Anyway, enjoy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

stimulation elation

New stuff up for sale on etsy, including originals.
its a good time to use your economic stimulation checks.

I will have more new work soon. Homework is futile, but my personal work seems to be going just fine. The unfortunate thing about personal work is that it is personal so no one has to approve. It also will not be going into my portfolio and it will not be getting me jobs. I really hope that after this whole experience (school) I will not be as confused as when I was living in NOHO half employed and miserable. I know I will have more opportunities to show my work, but this does not mean I will get jobs. I just don't want to be working in food service forever with little glimmers of design work. People look at my work and say "ooh that is so cool. I will definitely contact you about doing some work for me." and then nothing. I am not a passive person, but there is a fine line between being persistent and harassing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Web Nugget

Today I was featured on a great little blog called Funky Finds. Promotion makes it possible for me to keep working. I love these sifters of endless web nuggets.

Check it out: Funky Finds


California was great. I did a lot of sketching on the plane and here is the first piece that came from the plane doodles. More to come.

Monday, May 5, 2008

more work

I recently talked with one of my teachers, Theo
and he suggested that I work on my conceptual pieces because those are the ones that get the jobs. I am going to try to do more conceptual work. Its hard because I generally just make work to make it and its hard to think before I make things. So here is a mix.

This is a little study for a color theory book. That is usually how I work. I paint ideas and then adapt them to projects. Even if I don't use this for these book I am sure I will find a use for it later.

We walk my boss's dog when he is out of town and I have been looking at the plants around that area. I have been looking at textiles. patterns, and designs to get ideas for paintings. This image is part of that exploration.

Strange little birdies

This is an example of what I am doing right now. Kind weird, kind delicate, and bloby.
I will post more later.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

works in process

Here are some spring inspired greeting cards. They are just little studies, but I thought they would make nice little prints. I love patterns. Anyone looking for some hand painted wall paper?

These are some samples from my color theory book. It is going to be bird themed...go figure.

This is for a class where we have to create a fake New Yorker cover. It has to be conceptual of course. I may repaint if I do not like tomorrow (which happens often), but in the mean time this is what I have.