Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cone on a goat

I have decided that when I grow up I want to make the opening credits for movies. I saw Juno today and it made me soooo happy. The opening credits for that movie were amazing; also Napoleon Dynamite and Darjeeling Limited. Ok, over break I got into colored pencils so here is my sketchbooks contents (not particularly clean but you lose some of the colored pencil quality with balancing the levels):

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Lately I have been feeling more interested in my new skill set, book making. I also made some photo albums with magnets, but those and one other book had to be sent off to various people before the holiday season and I was too lazy to photograph them in time. One of the books has weird flowery things which I made using ink that I dropped on wet matting paper. So I have a really weird sketch book for myself which is nice. Ok, off to DC and I will probably not be posting until next friday when I get back. I will have new stuff by the time I get back, especially because I will not have book making materials with me.

Possible Barista guild t-shirt design

The barista guild has a t-shirt design contest which is really exciting. Here is the design I have been thinking about for awhile. The type is classic, the goat is from a legend of the discovery of coffee. The goat was eating some berries off a tree, the herder noticed he was giddy, tried the berries, and felt peppy. Ta da, coffee! I thought it would be really classy and super guildy. Anyway, suggestions, or concerns would be great because I want to send this off soon because its due before january 1st.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

happy holidays

freezing my ballpoint pen off

The art opening at Octane went wonderfully I am still selling prints which is nice, but when the show is over I am going to feel kinda sad...not to mention the extra money is going to be missed. Crits were fine overall and they are allover which is the most important thing. I have been making a lot of books and I will trying to post some pics of them. I got my thumb stuck in the trunk while JJ was in the house with the key. I freaked out and pulled it out, not smart, the finger is mangled which makes doing stuff a bit harder but I am still able to paint. (ps- Tomer Hanukah is in the new Juxtapose!!! if you dont know who he is check it out. His stuff is what dreams are made of)
So, here is some stuff:

hairy stomached fish
thought he could swim on the floor
sadly, he was wrong

I tripped on a rock
it made me miss you so much
my love for you hurts

attention seeker
the spider with the bad perm
no one noticed his short arm

Monday, December 3, 2007

All work and no play makes charrow a student

Studio week is under way and I am knee deep, so nothing new to show yet. But, this Friday night is the opening for the Octane staff art show. I am showing a whole bunch of old and new stuff and selling almost everything at reasonable prices. Based on what people in the past have tried to sell their art for I think I am underpricing....but really we all need art and so it should be affordable...dont worry if I sell anything I will still be making something. I also do not want to have to deal with moving this stuff when I move.
So for now that is all really. I will most likely post pictures of the event which is exciting because I do not post photographs.
In the mean time, Leonard Baskin is the name of the moment for me. I have been using his etchings for some of my design stuff so if you do not know him check his stuff out he is amazing.
Also check out
cool stuff, some 2 kewl if you know what I mean, but if you like diversity this site has it.