Saturday, June 21, 2008

blotto for gocco

success! the gocco is great! Take a look.
These cards are available on etsy

hurrah to new things

Friday, June 20, 2008

Holy bat balls goat man

I cannot even tell you how many different variations of this we came up with.
When life hands you a lemon:
1.squeeze it in someones eye (which is why the raccoon has a scuba mask was from the sketch and even though i changed the words i thought it was funny so i kept it.)
2. ask for bourbon
3. hand it back
I am sure there are more, but b/c this craziness happened right before i would fall asleep I forgot most of them...which is good b/c right before sleep a lot of things are funny.
This was one of the things I wanted to accomplish before we left for LA on tuesday. When I get back there will be so much work that I think I will probably fall off the planet. I am super nervous for what is to come. I feel like I have not really finished a project (in design) the past two quarters. Really the stuff that I have done I think is kind of crap so I am worried that I do not have it in me to make something amazing. I have ideas, but my craft still feels undeveloped. I have heard of a lot of people that went in with nothing 8th quarter and did everything. I want that to be me, but I am scared that between working 20 hours a week and traveling that things will fall by the wayside. I just really don't want to fail myself...

I guess in the next three days I am just going to work on getting the other things I want to accomplish done. I really want to use my new gocco, do another illustration I have had knocking around in my head, flesh out a mural that one of my co-workers wants done in her hall way (which will be weird b/c I have never done one and she wants it in gouache), figure out a website, and work on a design for screen printing on fabric for the chair project.
I know this will not all get done in the next three days, but I do hope I can get at least two things accomplished.
Here is the project I have been working on today.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Its a bloggy blog world

My sister!

And now for me. I did this one in honor of the squirrely road kill I encounter every day....
Sad Panda.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

get em while they're weird

Greeting cards are now available on etsy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I did it. The impulse buy that will keep on giving. I bought this little home screen printing system from Japan and Im super excited. Design Sponge had a profile of an artist who uses this little device to make cards. The idea of screen printing cards myself makes me sooo happy. Will post examples as soon as I get it.
for now:

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I don't know when this happened. This amazing community of crafters! Not just crafters, but indie crafters. I am in love with them. I like community, who doesn't. I have to say becoming part of the specialty coffee community was great, amazing, and inspiring....4 years ago. The past 2 years I have found myself disenchanted with the coffee community. Drama, rumors, bitterness, competitiveness, and humorless. You cannot take yourself so seriously when you are knowledgeable. I have tried to keep in mind that this is not everyone, but even so I find that it has been a long time since I have been around other coffee people who do not have to have the last word or correct everything that comes out of my mouth. I am tired of this exchange.
Captain Planet only came into existence when all 5 elements put their rings together (he has the best green mullet ever by the way). Everyone wants to be the super hero, but no one realizes that it takes a team (of politically correct ethnically diverse) people to make a green mulleted spandex loving super hero.
So now that I have made this insanely loose analogy let me discuss the indie craft community. They probably have drama, bitches, and competitiveness, but all I felt was acceptance and camaraderie. Other crafters wanted to tell me tips, look at my work, barter, and just be generally helpful. It was refreshing and would have been super amazing had it not been 95 degrees. But even so please go check out JJ's flickr which either has or will have pix up very soon.
It was a great experience and I will be doing more in the future. I will be missing the rest of the season in Brooklyn, but I will definitely do more shows next season and if there are any indoor winter fairs I will be sure to take part in one.
I do have hopes that I will be reinvigorated by my old coffee friends when I move. I will be looking at Ninth Street, Grumpy, Gimme, Stumptown, and I also might get a full time design job and see how that goes. I am not sure what I want yet.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

aim high

Very busy with finals and the indie craft fair this weekend. Here is a little something to show I care. Feel free to download this if you want to use it for father's day. Or if you want a good quality professionally printed greeting card email me, come to the craft fair, or wait a day or two and they will be available for purchase on etsy for 4 dollars (or 3 for 11).