Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweet Toothache

This work is for a class called Creative Strokes (also known as creative stroking). It has to do with the 7 deadly sins. We were given a word at random to somehow incorporate the 7 deadly sins. I was given the word "candy." I explored the idea of eye candy, working with strippers, motorcycles, pin-ups, etc. and none of them worked. Then I came up with the idea of candies that are monsters. My mother wrote some haikus loosely relating to sins and candy and I used those descriptions to create these images. I wrote one of the haikus. go me.

I've also included an image of the haikus written out emotively so when I make the book, I can include some text that parallels the image.

I've included the cover of the book, which meant a trip to target to buy candy that is now NOT in the pantry. If you want any, let me know. The books is called "sickly sweets." Enjoy.

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