Sunday, December 16, 2007

freezing my ballpoint pen off

The art opening at Octane went wonderfully I am still selling prints which is nice, but when the show is over I am going to feel kinda sad...not to mention the extra money is going to be missed. Crits were fine overall and they are allover which is the most important thing. I have been making a lot of books and I will trying to post some pics of them. I got my thumb stuck in the trunk while JJ was in the house with the key. I freaked out and pulled it out, not smart, the finger is mangled which makes doing stuff a bit harder but I am still able to paint. (ps- Tomer Hanukah is in the new Juxtapose!!! if you dont know who he is check it out. His stuff is what dreams are made of)
So, here is some stuff:

hairy stomached fish
thought he could swim on the floor
sadly, he was wrong

I tripped on a rock
it made me miss you so much
my love for you hurts

attention seeker
the spider with the bad perm
no one noticed his short arm

1 comment:

elsabelle said...

When I finally open my own store, I am selling your work there. No ifs, ands, or char-butts.

That's right, charred butts.