Friday, June 20, 2008

Holy bat balls goat man

I cannot even tell you how many different variations of this we came up with.
When life hands you a lemon:
1.squeeze it in someones eye (which is why the raccoon has a scuba mask was from the sketch and even though i changed the words i thought it was funny so i kept it.)
2. ask for bourbon
3. hand it back
I am sure there are more, but b/c this craziness happened right before i would fall asleep I forgot most of them...which is good b/c right before sleep a lot of things are funny.
This was one of the things I wanted to accomplish before we left for LA on tuesday. When I get back there will be so much work that I think I will probably fall off the planet. I am super nervous for what is to come. I feel like I have not really finished a project (in design) the past two quarters. Really the stuff that I have done I think is kind of crap so I am worried that I do not have it in me to make something amazing. I have ideas, but my craft still feels undeveloped. I have heard of a lot of people that went in with nothing 8th quarter and did everything. I want that to be me, but I am scared that between working 20 hours a week and traveling that things will fall by the wayside. I just really don't want to fail myself...

I guess in the next three days I am just going to work on getting the other things I want to accomplish done. I really want to use my new gocco, do another illustration I have had knocking around in my head, flesh out a mural that one of my co-workers wants done in her hall way (which will be weird b/c I have never done one and she wants it in gouache), figure out a website, and work on a design for screen printing on fabric for the chair project.
I know this will not all get done in the next three days, but I do hope I can get at least two things accomplished.
Here is the project I have been working on today.

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