Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exercise those demons!

Feeling better and productive. I have been posting to my flickr for art primarily, but I really need to double post cause not everyone looks at my flickr. These are the latest illustrations some good some better. I spend a fair amount of time worrying that my work is looking the same. I had ideas and now I am riding those various ideas. I don't know why I feel like an imposter or a cheater. Maybe I am just not as excited as I want to be. Any time I do something new that I like I get a rush of adrehelin and I have not gotten that recently. I also guage success on how many people view my work on my flickr and it has not been more than 10 people so I am feeling a little sad about that. I think I need to do some more exploratory sketching maybe that will help. I just hate that feeling of my best work being behind me...rediculious I know, but a fear non the less. I used to worry about drawing block. I would get so bummed when I thought I had "the block" and just sit around and wait until it was lifted like a punishment. Now I just worry about producing stale work. Maybe they are the same thing or maybe now I it is just a lot easier to release mediochre work into world. The world is at my fingertips and I am filling it up with virtual clutter. Note: No need to respond to this blather. If I do not exercise (yes I mean exercise) my anxiety demons then they stay get stir crazy and run around the apartment bothering JJ, jumping on the couch, and knocking over cups.

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Anonymous said...

I love the couch one. And feel free to talk it out. Most definitely.