Friday, May 21, 2010

Words from the wilderness

In the back woods of MD for the weekend where people have woods behind their house and nobody locks their wifi (you thought I was going to say houses). The might J is painting and I am assisting (sitting on the computer trying to work an interior space for my big freelance project). I do plan to paint tomorrow, but when I attempted to do some freehand cutting around the base molding it was determined that my skill set stopped at gouache on paper. I have never been good at acrylic or anything like it so this came as no real surprise. I did find that, although tape is rejected by the professionals, it works might fine for those of us that cannot draw a straight line even when sober.
The freelance project I am working on, luckily, does not require straight lines...or rather I said I would not be using a ruler. It is, in fact, something that could require a ruler. I am doing three full color interiors of condos. The project is something I have not really done, but I find it fascinating. It will allow me to do some obsessive pattern work (check), earth tones (check), I can throw in some plants (check), and add "whimsy" (double check). The only issue is that these are not built the dyslexic one had to look at floor plans to get a sense of the layout. 2D is not my strong suit and I spent nearly an hour figuring out what a 3D rendering would look like. I finally put together 6 different thumbnail views for the first illustration (I am rejected ever using the abbreviation illo ever again).
I will post my progress once the work is completely finished.


amyb said...

I can't even pause to read your words, your pictures are so amazing. Can I have (buy) a copy of this garden/farm one?
(I'm Laura's Mom :-)

charrow said...

Of course! Would you like a card 4.5 x 5.5 or a print 8.5 x 11?

Leen Christens said...

Wawh, looks like an amazing and challenging project your working on! Good luck on that one, thumbs up!! Love your garden by the way, nice perspectives and colors!!

Allison said...

Those chickens are great... you really captured some of the chicken-y spirit!