Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Kingdom of Suck

It came to my attention recently that a project I created a proposal for, which was accepted, and then dropped for no reason was stolen from me. I am a patient and reasonable person, but when a LARGE firm asks for a proposal it is my understanding that if its my idea, it still is my idea if they do not hire me. The concept was mine and after asking them to contact me and hearing nothing I got suspicious. I recently went to the site and found that my concept had been executed. "Turning a project over to the architect" does not mean equal "steal my shit and have someone else do it." It is unfortunate for these people that they did not pay me the little bit I asked for. This company is so big that the fee would have been worth it compared to the shit storm they are going to have to deal with now. It sucks, it really does. I hate to feel this way and I hate to be this person, but why steal what you can afford to buy? So, the lawyers letter will come next and maybe then they will answer my emails.

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