Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frenchy French

A little something because I should not be sitting around watching netflix and not have something to show for it. I wanted to start drawing something every day, but this seems unrealistic as some days I leave at 5am and get home at 8pm and then have to go to sleep by

Anyway, this is a little concept for another children's book about a little chef. The idea is that she cooks in other peoples kitchens because her mother does not think she is old enough to be cooking. She has a frenchie and uneven pony tails. She is not good at a lot of other things, but she is a great cook! So, while I have not gotten the other two books off the ground I am starting another one. I know this is silly, but I figure I will work on submitting the other two to a book contest and then self publish if I have to. I think it will be cute because I do love to draw kitchens and I have an entire pinterest dedicated to them.
Hoping I have some time to cram in some drawing tomorrow.

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