Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Past Blown Cover Submissions

I have been working a lot in coffee land and my brain has not been completely focused on art. I have been participating in Blown Covers and Illustration Friday, but not the usual "art for no reason." So for now here are a few of my submissions to Blown Cover that were not picked or better versions of the same concept done by different people were chosen...I am including some personal critique.

4th of July- not a bad idea, but as my bff Ester says there isn't really a story. She thinks in stories and while that is not always necessary for a good illustration I think it is in the case of this kind of contest. Funny joke, but not the best cover idea.

Marriage- Ok, really happy with this idea, but there was a version of this done that was better. In the style of Maurice Sendak, under a chupah and both animals are wearing kippot. It was really excellent. Maurice was gay so it was fitting on so many levels. It is creepy how when people have similar concepts they are really similar. It even has the same two monsters getting married...woah.

The Gays- Fine idea. Another "Thanksgiving" supper was done better I think. This submissions was fine, but not my best work. 

Books- I got a little too apocalyptic on this one. This was my first submission and I really did not understand what the outcome should be. I think story is key along with humor and maybe a pun.

I submitted two for this weeks theme of "The Beach" and we shall see how they do. Usually there are some really outstanding artists that submit work. Its amazing because while Illustration Friday is fun and easy going this feels a bit more like all stars. I am not saying that IF submitters are not all stars, but the 12 illustrations chose for Blown Covers are usually so good that I would not be surprised if they made it onto the New Yorker.

This is just a quick look inside the artists studio as it were. I really wish I had more to post, but I think I burnt myself out.

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