Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Riding the Dragon

A new lil illustration. This is not specifically for anything I just had this vision of kids riding a dragon like it were a school bus. I thought about giving it more "bus attributes" but then looked at traditional chinese dragons and got carried away. One thing I wish I had done was but high tops on the dragons back feet...but once again got carried away with the traditional dragon details. I worked on making the dragon more inviting with aviator goggles and a scarf I associate with flying. I also thought of making it have the actual number of kids that would be in a bus, but it turns out that number is close to 75, which is insane.
I might do a couple of images of kids playing on playgrounds, but on huge weird animals. I like how imaginative kids are about their surroundings and that a school bus could be a dragon or a playground could be an octopus perhaps? Anyway, its just some fun stuff while I wait for big projects or for large companies to get back to me about greeting cards...perhaps. There will be more on this as the story develops.

Otherwise, the website looks good. Still a bit slow so I'm trying to make some of the images smaller. Bare with me if you feel frustrated. I am reading through the forums.

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dosankodebbie said...

"kids riding a dragon like it were a school bus" how darling and whimsical. I love it!