Monday, August 27, 2007

a cold day in hell a warm day in Atlanta

"you are an illustrator." "Fine art is dead." "Handmade is not going to last, designers create mainly on the computer." "Your work is so need to take your art out of design"

"Design is about communication and art does not have to communicate anything." -I obviously do not belong in an internship that essentially covers "Las Meninas" in gasoline and lights the match....
I was discouraged about the interview and I have spent the weekend trying to decide if I should use this art blog as another forum for my rantings. I came to the conclusion that because this was an art related personal problem it was acceptable. I am still new to design and art as a practice and I take my superiors advice because they are in the business and they know better than me. But after much consideration I have decided that to give the above sentiments much consideration voids my direction in life...and my entire undergrad career....that is a lot of wasted money. SO I am forging on and like anyone on Behind the Music would say, I'm not going to give up. In addition, a project over the break is going to be to collect rejection letters and work them into a painting....if you have any you are willing to part with let me know ( I promise to put them to good use.

three book covers hand made and designed for The Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, and Animal Dreams. These are the first drafts major and minor changed will probably be taking place. They all have to have inner jacket get the idea.

Our Seminar speaker this week was Matt Smith from Tribal DDB Dallas. He made a wonderful statement and so I decided it needed a little illustration. I almost showed it to him, but then I thought....he's going to think I was drawing the whole time...I was. Plus you can't just go up to someone and say "I made this" like a five year old who makes a finger painting for the teacher.


Jes said...

I think you should have shown him the drawing. If I were a speaker and someone drew something about what I said, I'd think it was rad, but maybe that's just me. :)

I found you on facebook AND on a blog.

Swear I'm not stalking.

It's Jo's fault. And Jason's.

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

Until design is aimed strictly to robots, then it will always be personal on some level.

The difference between design and art comes from the voice -- yours or a clients. The solution to that, frankly, is simple: work for people who share your ethos.

The entire reason we come to Portfolio Center and split our minds and souls and hearts so hard and for so long is because we want to become powerful enough to make the choice of who we work for.