Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need a new scanner

these are light...and a lot better in person.

These are book covers of books I am going to be selling on Etsy tomorrow. The light is not good right now and we want to take good pix so I have to be patient....poop.

Back cover and front cover of little sketchbook

Front cover of a hard bound cloth sketchbook.

A recipe book! this is the front cover and there are cupcakes on the back as well. It has 7 tabs for various recipes: soups/salads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, bread, and UFO. It even has a ribbon bookmark to save your place. Very excited. These books will be between 25-30 dollars. The recipe book will be 30 b/c of the amount of extra time it took. It is 96 pages. The sketch books are 45 pages.

If they sell then I will try to actually make more to sell...if not I will have a nice stock of presents for people I love.

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