Saturday, March 8, 2008

Will work for money

I am still in the midst of production which includes ironing a book cover printed on inkpress canvas paper...not a frustrating task at all. A note to anyone who decides this is a good idea: tape the paper to a heavier backed paper and run it through the regular feed. It took two hours and an email to someone smarter than me to figure this out. Not to mention that this pain in the ass paper is 10 13 x 19 sheets for 45 dollars. The amount I spend and then throw away is appalling. I do my best to steal what I can and paint 90% of my work on matte board scraps from the photographers. It is the best for watercolors and looks so nice.
Moving along. Over break I have a list of things I want to accomplish aside from sleeping.
This list is tentative of course and is subject to change based on how neglected my (way too patient) professional ATL hater feels.

1) make a recipe book for my growing collection of experiments in the kitchen. With weird fabric, pockets, and illustrations. (it will never live up to my 50s drag queen recipe book, but really what could).
2) send work out to magazines and a couple of contests.
3) paint strange things
4) run a 1/2 marathon (its the day before classes resume)
5)Freelance work (if it all works out)
6) watch a documentary
Im sure there is more, but this is it for now

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