Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A long and blinding toad.

I have been spending a lot of time working recently. I have been painting/drawing (as you could probably see from the art with wordless seems silly to have a blog with so little content sometimes) and trying to get in touch with art directors. This is easier said than done.
Emails- never get returned and probably are never even opened.
Phone calls- go into the voice mail abyss
Calling back must be done sparingly and with a week in between calls...I would not want to seem desperate (even though I am). So then we move on to competitions and alike.
I have sent things to CMYK (twice now. I have one rejection under my belt. In the next two weeks they will contact folks for this coming issue so I may have another to look forward to), Commarts, Applied Arts, Inman Park festival (to get an art booth. I was not accepted), and most recently an Indie Craft Fair (both exciting and daunting....Design Sponge in person daunting). There is nothing like building up a thick callus of rejection; maybe that's why I feel so bloated. But really, it is a good thing just a little stressful and disappointing. I have to pretend I am not waiting. Like not waiting by the phone for someone to call. I tend to pretend I am not waiting even though I am holding the phone, staring at it, willing it to ring, and ignoring all other things around me (ie- people, oncoming traffic, telephone poles, bikes, and small animals; although I don't try to avoid small rat-like dogs. I am sorry that is not a dog.).
the point is self promotion is a bitch. I want to be a full-time freelance artist and I do not think that can happen unless something drastic happens. So in the next six months I am going to harass the whole of the design industry and while simultaneously juggling cats and eating a sloppy joe...mwah hah hah.
If not I can always work at 9th street.

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