Sunday, May 25, 2008

greeting card

I am very pleased to show my new greeting card trio. Yes, these beautiful cards will dazzle your friends and win over your secret love.
And if not you can keep them for yourselves.
I have to say there is no better way to spend a sunday than paint, sit in a cockroach infested house, with a screeching cat, listening to radio lab, and eating strange combinations of foods b/c we are hungry and forgot to bring snacks. This house of course is Jo and Dave's and we came by to use their washing machine and eat their food (tortillas, peanut butter, and cereal with a drizzle of honey...don't judge we were starving). We even got up super early to go to the pool (before the screeching whine machines came), swam, and watched a little life guard training. This was funny because, for those of you who have never taken life guarding classes, it involves dramatizations. One person jumps in the water, flails about and pretends they are drowning and then the life guard test monkey pretends to blow a whistle and save them. It is especially funny when the "drowner" (who is told secretly what is wrong with them and therefore how they should act) fights off the guard or tries to push the guard under water.
Tomorrow we'll spend time with school friends, drink, eat, and just generally get sweaty.
I am excited for this quarter to be over and we already bought tickets for my portfolio review and apartment hunting in NYC in october. I can't wait, but in the mean time I'm looking forward to the indie fair in two weeks and drawing puking cats.