Thursday, May 15, 2008

stimulation elation

New stuff up for sale on etsy, including originals.
its a good time to use your economic stimulation checks.

I will have more new work soon. Homework is futile, but my personal work seems to be going just fine. The unfortunate thing about personal work is that it is personal so no one has to approve. It also will not be going into my portfolio and it will not be getting me jobs. I really hope that after this whole experience (school) I will not be as confused as when I was living in NOHO half employed and miserable. I know I will have more opportunities to show my work, but this does not mean I will get jobs. I just don't want to be working in food service forever with little glimmers of design work. People look at my work and say "ooh that is so cool. I will definitely contact you about doing some work for me." and then nothing. I am not a passive person, but there is a fine line between being persistent and harassing.

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