Friday, July 18, 2008

And the band plays on and on and on

I have become remarkably bad about posting and posting anything of note. I rely on J Fox to keep the world in touch with our various endevours. I hope in the future to be able to post more, but until this quarter (my last quarter) is complete I will be noticeably absent. But before I take my leave a couple of thing: I will have a shout out on daily candy Atlanta on monday for my journals. This, of course, was the one thing I did for fun and not because I saw it as a money maker. I think that's always how it works. I am also going to go show my work to beep beep gallery. They are booked through the year, as most good galleries are, but they have a bin where they are going to be selling art and they want to take a look at my stuff.
Here are some illustrations for a wine bottle project. I don't like pushing my own illustration on projects but in this case it actually fit the concept. Mondavi wine:

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