Monday, September 22, 2008

wann fly away

The gas stations around our area are closed or don't have any unleaded gas and I am worried it is going to get worse before we drive to NY. This of course is the thing I think about as we try to fill out out 10 page apartment application.
I keep saying I will relax and stop worrying about things when certain things get done, but I always find something new to put me back in a state of anxiety. First it was getting my work done, then it was finding an apartment in NY, now its the application, and after that is all done, its going to be having enough money to make it to NY, and I am sure after that it will be finding a job...let alone a job that will allow me to live, save money, and pay off my loans. I am thinking of moving to the woods...whose with me?
On a good note:
I had my photo shoot this weekend and it went really well. Jorge Menes, a friend, and wonderful photographer shot my design work and I have a feeling it is going to be an amazing book based on his skills and art direction as much as my work.
The only issue I have with being done with the shooting bit is now I have to wait and waiting makes me feel aimless and moneyless. I feel so lazy when I am not working. Its not that I have time for work right now anyway, but I have enough free time to feel like I am being lazy.

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