Wednesday, September 24, 2008

None of my business

So Leslo are gaying in public, good job, convert one for the home team. I think its funny that people are surprised that Mantha doesn't dj gay venues....if I was important and perform I wouldn't do gay venues either. I have no problems with homos, but when you start doing gay venues when you are gay then you get pigeon holed. People are not open minded enough to understand that gay people sometimes do not want to be associated with all things gay. Being a mo is not first on her list of identity traits. She is a dj that happens to be a mo and not a mo that happens to be a dj. The day that people stop turning gayness into the pink elephant in the room is the day everyone will come out of closet.
And it seems right now it is more marketable to be gay because everyone is coming out. Difficult economic times call for deperate measure.
Maybe I should name my greeting cards HOMO greetings.


ester said...

yes, true! i was thinking about that when i was reading that great piece about Queen Latifah in the NYT Mag this week. only at the very end did the author bring up the long-debated question of whether the Queen is a mo, and of course the Queen shot her down. and why not? as long as it's going to be lucrative for her to play straight women in movies, it's going to be lucrative for her to stay in the closet, since no one, it seems, can wrap their minds around the whole "acting" thing.

and THEN Queen Latifah hilariously played Gwen Ifill in the SNL debate parody last night. the look on her face when fey-as-palin yammered about the probable "gay" on her basketball team was priceless.

charrow said...

yeah and really its not money for a black woman to come out as a mo. Its just not in fashion yet.