Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double Trouble

This was difficult for me for some reason. I am on vacation in the mountains with nothing to do, but draw and for some reason I am feeling extra mentally stagnant....maybe I should go take a nap down by the lake. I have a hard hard life.
(I like the first one the best)


Leen Christens said...

They look so lovely, I like the first one as well! So funny!!

Hope that nap did you some good!! ;)

The Green Telephone said...

All of them are lovely! I like the little sofa in #2.

Jenny Crouch said...

love your style! Hope you have a good break.

Jack Foster said...

The first one has my vote as well. Life is rough sometimes... then you have to take a nap.

Linda Hensley said...

I love the goose!