Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BADvertising Installment 1 (when bad ideas happen to good companies)

As many people have already, astutely, pointed out this "new" logo looks like something from a tech company from the 90's. They went from something tall, thin, smooth, and the symbol of all things preppy to fat, bold, with a punch in the face of Helvetica to make it mundane. If the new logo were to have a conversation with the old logo it would go like this:

old Gap logo: Hey do I know you from somewhere?
New logo: I don't think so, but I'm a really big fan of your work.
Old: thanks...Man I could swear you look so familiar. Did I see you in American Apparel the other day?
New: No, that store is too trendy for me and there is something about half naked tweens that makes me feel like a pedophile
Old: I hate to be rude, but you should really go get that thing on your p checked looks infected
New: Oh, actually its part of my style.
Old: Is it a reference to Lady Gaga or something?
New: No, actually its a reference to you
Old: Wow, I'm flattered, but it looks a little Windows 95
New: oh...should I do something different?
Old: I don't know, its your style. I just think if Milton Glazer saw that you left the house wearing that on your head he would have marched you back up to your bedroom and made you change. Its just not that flattering...especially with your build.
New: wow, ok. I guess my board of investors was right you are a stuck up bitch
Old: well at least I'm not trying to be something that I am not. Who said you could wear a sans serif anyway?
New: Whatever, I'm going to go hang out with my real friend.....Pepsi

and scene

I think there are a lot of other designers out there that picked this logo apart beautifully, so why reiterate what they have already said. Basically, this gets a big fail in my book. I bet somewhere in their thumb nails was a real winner and it was probably killed by the board of directors. Hey, but on the bright side, maybe now their clothes will be a cheap as the logo...budum ching!

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ester said...

Budum ching indeed. :) You could have designed 10 cooler logos. They should be ashamed of themselves.