Friday, October 15, 2010

Traveling Coffee Monger Part 1

Copenhagen was our first stop on the coffee train that was our vacation. I did some research before we embarked on this journey so I knew that we had to go visit The Coffee Collective in Copehagen. If you don't know about this amazing shop here is what makes it one of the best shops I have ever been to:

Klaus Thomsen

World Barista Champion, twice national champion and world-wide coffee consultant. Started as a barista in London in 2001.

Peter Dupont

Internationally acclaimed roast master and green coffee buyer. MSc with thesis in water environment at coffee farms. Blended and roasted the WBC winning espresso blend for Klaus Thomsen. Started as a Barista in Bergen, Norway, 1998.

Casper Engel Rasmussen

World Cup Tasting Champion. Coffee and sales representative for the last three years. Barista trainer and former member of the Danish national barista team. Barista since 2003.

Linus Törsäter

Master in Architecture, SLU Alnarp Sverige. In charge of design and visual appearance. A very dedicated barista since 2004.

In addition to have a great cast of founders it has an amazing staff of baristas who are happy to talk while they make you your espresso Beverage.

(the roaster which is 15 feet away from the espresso machine.)

(The amazing Muslei bar that made my day)
The cortado that made me happy along with contraband yogurt.

annastina the great
Anna making our coffees.
Very shortly after

Here are selections from my illustrated journal pertaining to Coffee Collective.

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