Friday, June 3, 2011

Coffee blog slog

Another attempt at the Coffee Blog.

Changed the banner, the style, and the motivation. This blog was stressful because I felt that I had to write something. I have decided to update this blog with images only. Why should I have to write anything. So, it will just contain coffee related things and maybe some food too. I am going to post all of the EU trip on the blog too.

The other night I went to the BBG for the rose festival and I mentioned this comatose blog. The person I was talking too said it sounded different and not like something she had ever seen before. I thought that was interesting. Keep in mind, she was in the in the coffee world, and is not aware of the gobs and gobs of coffee blogs...there are so many I could go crazy. But still, drawing and no talking. I can do that. Talking not so much. So, an attempt to manage two might seem impossible, but I am a superhero or maybe stupidhero!

To all the stupidheros out there blog!

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