Monday, June 20, 2011

weighty subject

So I am going to work on the IF theme of this week...this is an unrelated post. I worked 6 days this past week so aside from sleeping, nothing creative has been happening.

The following statements are not for bragging rights, but to illustrate a point. So, I ride about 13 miles a day and I am training for a marathon, which means (on some weekends) running for hours. I am completely happy to do these thing, and yet I cannot make myself lift weights. That's right, I will run for 3 hours...sure no problem...but lift weights for 30 like kryptonite.

So, I talked with a customer, who also happens to be a personal trainer and a really smart guy. He suggested I commit to doing one push and one pull exercise with free weights. Just do one set of each until exhaustion and that is good enough. This, I think I can do. I did it today along with some push ups and we shall see if I can bring myself to do it 3 times a week. None of this would matter if I did not have such a huge hang up about my arms. I wear almost nothing but tank tops...even in honestly, if I am going to constantly bring attention to an area of myself that I hate I should really do something about it.

I just thought it was really silly that I could have such a mind block about something that seems so simple compared to the other crap I am doing. Its so weird how easy it is to sabotage ones self.

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