Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breakfast of champions

It has been this kind of week. I had my mother in town, we looked a million open houses, our ac bill was over 260 dollars and we live in 450 square feet....and I was throwing up yesterday after a 7.3 mile run (this is disheartening because we run 10-14 miles every week and I have never gotten sick like this). I am also having a hard time making any progress on big projects. Its like the summer inertia is paralyzing me, but the only difference between summer and fall is that there is a weather change. It does make me sad I am not a kid anymore. There are so many things that suck about being a kid, but the one thing that is awesome is having vacations that are long and predetermined. I guess if I were a teacher this would be the same. Its not like I can handle having nothing to do, but at least when the vacation is predetermined you figure out how to fill it.
Speaking of which, our next weekend plans fell through so we have to figure out how to make our weekend in the city feel like the country. Anyone got a country estate they want to invite us to?

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