Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Win, lose, or draw

In college I was really obsessed with a little world I created and I was totally immersed in it. When I felt lonely, sad, or bad about myself I went to place and drew my little characters and it made me feel good. It reminded me a little of when I was a little kid and played with my little ponies. They were the most important thing to me and I can still remember the feeling of joy and escape. So, here we are many years later and I have not drawn a comic consistently for more than one page. I drew this the other day and while I think coloring in panels is not sustainable if I plan to continue it it nice to find a new world. The old one was more college kids awkwardly trying to navigate relationships, being gay, and also being self destructive. It was funny and self deprecating. I want to go back there sometimes and pick up where I left off, but I am not in the same place. When I look at something like this is feels more my speedish. I am older and will be an aging hipster with the potential of child or at least having my friends kids around me. I think I want to explore the dynamics of parent and child and parents in general. The couple in this family is not married, but they have a kid and are basically a modern family with the same age old issues. Its unclear where this is going, but writing children's books seems to be going nowhere right now so a comic might just be a little more liberating. I cannot seem to crack the publishing world even with connections....its rather frustrating. So onward and upward and maybe eventually my agent will return my emails. In the mean time here's Winne.

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