Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What the blog!

Yes I know it's crazy here we are again at the same blog about a year later, or was it two? Anyway, I'm back because I do love blogging although it feels like a place for me to whine. I am going to attempt to keep the whining to a minimum. I am hoping to discuss more about process and development of projects. 
Recently I have been working on getting a series of comics together to submit to the New Yorker. They do have open hours supposedly where one can bring work to be reviewed; I am not sure how that works now that they are located at the freedom tower. I am getting ahead of myself though. The goal is to have 20 very solid comics before I go. I came to this goal with the help of an illustrator who worked with the cartoon editor and knows how he works. For me the tough thing is not using puns. The New Yorker does not take puns...I know, who knew!! You might say to yourself, "Charrow that is all do!" And there is the challenge. Instead of crying myself to sleep I am making it into a create my own caption game. I make an illustration with a pun, erase the pun, and try to move beyond the pun into the deeper more absurd jokes. It is both fun and challenging. Even so it's slow going. Out of 45 I submitted to my mentor he felt that 6 of them met the standards of the New Yorker. If you decide that you want to submit work too be forewarned that it is super brain consuming. Also, there is no guarantee. There are illustrators who work for the New Yorker now that had been submitting for for 12 years before getting in. I think the word your thinking of is Crazy! I'm hoping at some point I will be able to write about my review, but I definitely am not holding my breath about getting in.
The comic above is actually something I hope to submit to the New Yorker because it's not a pun and I am still patting myself on the back about it. 
This is just the first entry so I won't go on forever, but I hope to write one a week for now. I will be posting more large scale illustrations in progress as well, but right now all I have the time for is quick pen drawings. 

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