Friday, September 25, 2015

Yes I made this

Sometimes I undertake projects that seem far removed from my other work. As an artist who wants to grow I constantly work on being versiltile. This was for the Hudson Valley Seed Library. They hold contests for packaging and for food related art. I went with a more traditional illustration style for the subject. The packing was for an heirloom baking bean. They wanted something that showed cooking, the plants, and the bean. It's hard to be creative but also adhere to reality. I liked this illustration, it was not my favorite, but I think it accomplished the goal and visually interesting. It did not win, but it's almost better to show off these examples. I really like seeing the work that doesn't get picked for New Yorker covers more than winners. It's a good insight into the strange process of art direction and taste. 
I'm currently more excited about my portrait work. Creative work is great, but sometimes a good portrait or still life helps you regroup. When I'm feeling burnt out its a good way to stay in practice. 
Small note: I doodle on the bottom of lots of work before making it, which you can see in the bottom photo. This is how I work out the composition. Is not as fancy as using transparency paper, but it works.

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