Friday, December 4, 2015

Patterns make perfect

I recently completed a Lila Rogers class that kicked my butt and made me think differently, which I needed. It was wonderful, but of course made me feel inadequate in a whole new way. I became completely obsessed with patterns and figuring it out. All I can think about is making effective patterns, good colors, and to make something that will sell. I spend too much time looking at what is selling, which is helpful to a point, but then defeatist as well. So, as we begin the winter season, which has been less busy this year (im trying to not take it personally) I find I have some extra time to work....also my printer died and I am waiting for the 900 dollar replacement I have been making stuff.

1. a pillow that I thought was a funny idea. I tried to play off of the floral motifs that are so popular right now (example- Rifle Paper)

2. this was a mini exercise for the class I took, but I like it to much I want it to be leggings.

3. I made a complex pattern of vintage thermoses in colors that are vintage and not too terrible. Its weird I have a really hard time with digital color. Give me watercolors or gouache and I will not hesitate, but make me come up with a good appropriate color palette in adobe and I flounder. I did take Lilas advice and look at trending palettes, thank you J Crew. Not sure what will happen with this, but here it is.

4. A pattern I made that reflects me. I love these tiny homes. I actually have the leggings of this pattern...and now I have the itch to make all the leggings. Dogs on wheels anyone? Dentures?

Anyway, these are some things I have been making and doing despite feeling inadequate. I want success so badly that I am paralyzed by want. tis the season I guess. New goal is to look less at other peoples work and how many hearts they get until I get over this sadness flu.

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