Tuesday, September 4, 2007

for the birds...and fish

Have not been in the best of spirits lately. It could be finals or maybe just the feeling that I will never be employable. I get really excited about the work I am doing and I can see how it could work really well in design projects, but it takes forever for people to respond. I am just feeling ignored poop. But enough about me here are some new techniques and some art. ok.

Sample: colored pencil on black board.

And here are two new ladies from a series I am going to put together. The woman and cat I am going to redo and make a better composition b/c I am not as fond of it as the other. It would have been better if the cat and woman had switched positions...or maybe she needs a bird on her head.....

1 comment:

Dave and Jo said...

I heart you and i heart these lovely images of celestial vomit.