Sunday, September 16, 2007

Morehead beach

I am currently in Atlantic beach on the beautiful eastern shore. My crits are done, I am sleeping in, I am broke, and life is just beachy. We went boating yesturday and I saw jumping fish and crabs. I have been doing a lot of painting/drawing since I have been here and have much to post when I get back. I am going to post more process work too. Just to show how I work. It usually involves just following the strange derailed train of thought. Sketching things I see and then working with the best stuff and turning it into small paintings. Very excited to show what I have done. In the mean time check out James McMullan.

He is/was a purest watercolorist meaning he never used white. The areas of white are defined by the paper itself no pigments. I have been looking at his work at the advice of Gary and its really interesting...nothing I would have found on my own.
Question of the moment: how to send the first unsolicited email to a publication I would like to do spot illustrations for...not the new yorker! Will answer this question in the coming weeks.

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