Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oldies but gooies.

I have not been posting the past couple of days for various reasons and I am sad about it. So here are a couple of old things that are kinda funny.

some characters I made on a plane of puking blobs for no good reason.

I became obsessed with drawing women with fat....not so marketable but who cares.

I have been sending out feelers to magazines I would like to do some work for, to artists I admire, and to some firms I want to work for in my ideal world. That and I did the painting on my friends mirror frame yesterday which all means I am giving excuses for no new work....I am sorry. Will post some tonight.

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Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

Darling, never apologize for not posting so much. If you miss a few days, your regular readers will just think you are doing bits elsewhere.

Love the blobs, it is helping me work on this pesky ghost I need to finish sometime soon.