Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bowl of Crazy

We are moved, finally. After an insane couple of days, a pointless interview, and 1000 dollars we are in NYC. We are still living out of boxes due to being in town only a couple of days before we came back down to MD for JJ's family Xmas. I start work soon and while I am really excited I am also nervous. Parker Posey came in while I was training and ordered a latte. I also passed Benjamin Pratt on my way to catch Vamoose bus.
I think that is going to happen a lot. I just hope I have enough to sense to not ask them, "hey, which show are you on again?" I worked the Brooklyn Craft Market this past weekend also and that was great. It was super cold, but really worth it and I am going to try and do it at least once a month in the spring. An actress from CSI: NY (who is not on it anymore..the latina with the really bad nose job) came and looked at baby clothes that the woman next to me was selling.
I am going to look into indoor craft fairs but I have a feeling that after Xmas people will stop buying stuff until they pay off their credit cards.
The newest issue of Barista Magazine came out and you can look at the whole issue on their website. The contributors page features a beauuuutiful picture of me courtesy of JJ.
And here is a little something to look at:

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LCAmazing said...

1. i definitely once had a crush on parker once upon a time. 2. i love seeing your face all famous and accomplished and goggled.