Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ham and coffee

It has been two weeksish since we moved and I am still completely disorientated. I have been working nonstop which is great, but I have had little time to draw and paint. I know this is the constant struggle to try to balance work and the non-paying-right-now work. I think the spring/summer craft fair circuit should make me feel more productive. I also need to make sure I produce something once a week even if its only so-so. Last night I got home and immediately went to the drawing table even though it was 10 pm.
Anyway, life is pretty good. A little too much wine and cheese in my seems like cheese is the symbol of adulthood and we have just become adults.
I like work a lot. It is still difficult to know what to say when people say the very new york "so what do you do?" I say I am in specialty coffee and they say "oh" and then I add "and I am a freelance illustrator" at which point they get really excited and interested. Well except when I told a painter that I was an illustrator...she looked at me and said "hhmm" and they started talkig to someone else like I made clip art or something. By the way the first people to make and sell clip art in the 80's raked it in.
Barington coffee roaster still has not won me over. I bought some Indian Mysore and it was tart, but fell flat to me. It was not even old. Maybe I do not like Indian coffees b/c I am bored by our espresso too and that is apparently 4 different Indian coffees. I also tried our Sumatra and today the Costa Rica (from where I do not know) and once again not much going on. Either the roast is too dark, the beans are not great, or I am just choosing the more boring of their coffees. Either way I need to find something Barington does that I like or else I will be unable to really stand behind our coffee.
Oh counter culture...I miss you.

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dizzle danielle said...

spoiled coffee coniseurr! one thing i liked to do is cup with people who really love the coffee you hate. people you trust and like :) usually they can inspire you to find something good about the coffee. good luck. i had to train with people using equator. oh god, it was pretty bad but experimenting with the pull brought out some unsuspected nice butterscotch cinammon tones. four barrel is starting to roast this week, i shall send you some? for real this time?