Tuesday, January 20, 2009

trees, chock full of fiber

I am sitting at home in my sweats watching the inauguration on tv and not only am I not in my home town of DC, but I have to trudge off to work today...poop.
Maybe we'll set up a tv in Joe's today.
On a different note: this illustration took a week to finish mainly because I did not have one solid chunk of time to finish it. I think that the time I had away from this made the color and layers that much better. I have a couple more designs ready to go so in the next couple of weeks hopefully I will be able to knock them out and get them up on etsy.

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Dave and Jo said...

I absolutely HEART this....is there any way to make it into a t-shirt or some other sort of collectible commodity for us somewhat animal saving plant eating fools? I luv u and miss u oh so much....