Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What winter?

Today was my first day off where I did not have a million other obligations. It felt so good to sleep in.
JJ and I did a grueling interval run in Prospect Park after breakfast.
Later my friend Janet from the Murky days came over to give me a hair cut and then we went to Southside Coffee in Brooklyn. It was great. We hung out and talked with Ben one of the co-owners. I bought JJ a hoodie b/c they were out of super cool shirts, but I am sure I will be going back there. It is a great space, small, cozy, and friendly.
I had Monday off as well, but took a shift at the co-op (we have to work 2.75 hours every 4 weeks to have a membership). I work at CHIPS, the soup kitchen that the co-op donates its older produce to. I have worked there before and I did not have a great time, but thought maybe if I tried another day with a different crew it might be more fun. The problem with kitchens is there is always someone who wants control over everyone else and it doesn't matter if everyone is nice someone always takes the helm which stressful. The long and short of it was I did not have a good time and immediately went to the co-op to switch to a cashier position. I am not going to let myself be miserable in a new city.
Last night JJ and I went on a date for my b-day last night. We went to NANA, a great sushi joint, and had an amazing dinner and afterward we went to BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) to see Milk.
Tomorrow's mission: Barington Roastery field trip in Barington, MA.


LCAmazing said...

I am not going to let myself be miserable in a new city.

And that is why you will be fine. It's an attitude I can't seem to learn.

I love hearing about your adventures there, even though I wish they were here, or that I were there.

mandy said...

hello, charrow. Happy Birthday!