Thursday, March 12, 2009

900 bottles of paint on the wall

But really, it is nice to have a bit of time to post such things. I have been very busy getting two portfolios and 250 postcards to my agent so that she can whore out my services. In addition, I just finished hinging JJ's photography portfolio for her interview at ICP on sunday...I should get paid for this. Anyone need some hinging skills? I am kinda exhausted. Today was a 10 hour work day (which I bring upon myself) and while it is good to get it out of the way I never feel like I get enough time off. Our apartment still looks like an expensive storage unit and I still live out of sad for me. At least now our walls are yellow. JJ spent the day painting so we have one coat on half of the wall and by tomorrow we might have a completely happy we just need a book shelf, oy.
I found my bag buddy on the subway today, or rather he found me. I was walking to the exit and a man tapped me on the shoulder and held up his freitag bag cut from the same tarp! It was awesome. It was like finding your freitag community...facebook for freitag. It was a short moment, but it was pretty also means we both know how much money we dropped on a bag made from 18 wheeler tarp, car parts, and bike tubing...what suckers. But I tell you this bag will outlast me. Ok, enough talk here are some doodles.

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