Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making split ends meet

When can I call myself a full time artist? Right now I am a part time artist with a full time job in coffee. I love coffee, but my art is taking the sidelines to some extent. I am showing my work at my job which has been giving me some side income, but it ends up going back out again to pay for art supplies and shows. Speaking of which I am doing the Brooklyn Indie Market this coming Sunday, yay!
Otherwise, we have a great couch and book shelf courtesy of Ikea. I bet you can't wait to see all the pictures we are going to post, heh :)

Not so fun fact I have learned while taking my NY food handlers course on line:

You must remove all jewelry when handling food except a wedding ring.

Fuck you NY! Ps- these people are so dumb that I have to take a food handling course for an establishment that serves coffee....we do not have any raw meat or anything else of the sort on the premises. And even better: when a health inspector comes in we have to get rid of all rags for the machine...and use paper towel. You cannot wipe a hot steam wand with a paper towel. dooshbags.

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