Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Never blog angry

It was 1 am when I wrote the blog entry. I could not sleep. I was too upset. I am extra irrational when I am tired and upset. I have no filter. Today would have been fine, but our compost bin was stolen again and the compost unceremoniously dumped all over the sidewalk. Asian woman from the restaurant next door said we had to take care of it because they were going to be fined. Said we would our bin was stolen and the contents dumped. I went out and took care of it...amazing.
I say we pay a hobo the difference of the cost of a new bin to protect the damn thing. Or write our address on the bin and put a "if found anywhere other than 9east 13th st. please return for a free cup of Joe." I bet the hobo will return it.
I made the joke that it was probably being stolen by homeless former bank CEO's (bidum-bum-ching).


Mark said...

I've tried a variety of things but I always seem to blog angry hehe.
It's Mark again, I linked you up on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you on Thursday. It was a bad day. Let's reconvene next week?