Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the fence

Version 1:

I am on the fence on this one. I did three versions of this illustration and I do not know if this is the last one. The first two did not have a light source and felt super flat. I always have this issue. I want to create a scene without a light source...other people do it all the time...but for some reason when i do it it looks really boring. So I added a light source...but i think its still not there. Its cute and all, but there is something happening in the areas with the four boys that is not happening in the rest of the piece. I like that little area a lot and the rest of the illustration seems to lack that "thing." I think its that it feels looser than the rest of the piece and maybe I need to revisit this illustration. It also might be that the shadow is super intense on the boys and it does not feel as real on everything else....either way I am not satisfied. I thought I would post it anyway so there will be a point of comparison later.
Version 2:

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