Monday, June 22, 2009


I have been doing things to work on my personal promotion. I know I spend a fair amount of the time making things I want to make and while that is all fine and good I need to focus on making things that might get me work.
I have been having a lot of doubts lately about my marketability and I see artists out there who are so good it makes me question myself. I found and artist this week whose work is so inspiring. She was selling stuff in the market and I took her card and told her how much I loved her work. Check out Kristiana Parn she is european of course.
Anyway, I am on a Threadless kick and I have been trying to submit work to their contests or rather I submitted a t-shirt design (mentioned a couple of posts before...go vote) and they are having a themed contest for VW on the theme of pre-loved. Below is one of the designs I am going to submit. I think I might the maximum of 3 entries if I can think of funny things. Anyway, I am pretty happy with it although I do not think it is something the people at VW would find particularly tasteful....but then again I am not particularly tasteful.

Update: this was rejected for voting because it was considered needing work. I submitted to prejudging to find out what I should do to make the illustration better. JJ thinks its not my best and I guess I agree. I have since done some other sketches for this project but they feel a bit forced. I will post them. There is something about good design that seems to happen when you are on the toilet. Its ironic really because one would assume being on the toilet you would produce crap, but not so much. In fact the idea factory awaits.

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